Decolonizing Multimodal Anthropology and the Politics of Collaboration

Master Class by Arjun Shankar (Georgetown University)


For students and staff of the University of Vienna and the Central European University


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Dr. Arjun Shankar is an anthropologist, critical pedagogue, and mediamaker. As a visual anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker, he has been interested in developing decolonial participatory visual methodologies and in multimodal evaluation and publishingHe has primarily focused on the neocolonial politics of representation, global circulation, and reception of the "impoverished" and "suffering" child figure - and on new multimodal methods as alternatives to these paradigms. 

As a current editor with the multimodal section of American Anthropologist  and an advocate for Curiosity Studies, Shankar asks questions about the possibilities of non-textual knowledge production and challenges us to think anew about scholarshippedagogies, and the political role of the academician. 


During this online Master Class, Shankar will lead a conversation with students and staff of the CEU and University of Vienna. He will elaborate on the import of decolonial methodologies in multimodal anthropology, and support participants in pursuing collaborative research practices. 


When: Tuesday 19 January 2020, 5.30 p.m.

Where: Zoom

For whom: students and staff of the CEU and University of Vienna




Online Master Class Series:

New media practices for social research 


Following the CEU’s move to Vienna, the Visual Studies Platform (VSP) of the Central European University and the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab (VVAL) of the University of Vienna join force to initiate a series of online master classes on “New media practices for social research”. The classes will include lectures, screenings, and hands-on media work to offer participants new ways of conceptualizing as well as practicing research. 


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