Ethnocineca Film Talk

Master Class by Yehuda Sharim  

13.05. | 3–5p

Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie,

HS A, NIG 4. Stock,

Universitätsstr.7, 1010

In this film talk, filmmaker Yehuda Sharim speaks about his new feature-length film Letters2Maybe (2021). He showa scenes from the film and provide insight into his narrative and cinematic approach. His films are intimate studies of immigration and displacement, visibility and invisibility, as well as the meaning of home and belonging in the United States. Situated between fiction and documentary, Sharim gives space to the participation of the protagonists and, with them, builds intimate portrayals of those who refuse to capitulate against all odds. The result is an attempt to create a vision for equality and renewed solidarity in a seemingly divided world.

This film talk explores the artistic and collaborative approaches in Sharim’s work, and the importance of trust in long-term documentary film projects. Letters2Maybe is the third film by Yehuda Sharim shown at ethnocineca. The film is also nominated for the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award 2022. Yehuda Sharim is a filmmaker, writer, poet, and professor of Global Art Studies at the University of California, Merced.

The film talk takes place at the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology Friday between 15 and 17, and is freely accessible. It is organised in cooperation between ethnocineca, the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab of the IKSA at the University of Vienna and the Visual Studies Platform of the CEU.

Talk held in English.

Ethnocineca Film Screening

Ethnocineca Film Talk