(Ne)Vidljivost / a documentary essay

On 19 November 2020, the VVAL hosted the online premiere of the documentary film essay (Ne)Vidljivost, followed by a discussion in presence of the film’s participants and makers.

For this film, art history students Yulia Kopr and Martina Genetti conducted interviews with female artists in Vienna, who were born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (during or after Yugoslavia). The aim of the interviews is captured in the Bosnian title “(Ne)Vidljivost”, translated as (In)visibility: to investigate how artists in Vienna, who are also women and migrants, experience and question “visibility” in their artistic practices and personal lives. The film portrays these cultural agents as actively taking part in the arts scene of Vienna while refusing to be reduced to a single identity and nationality. With the film, the makers aim to provoke a broader discussion about structures of visibility and invisibility in the arts world.