Sanderien Verstappen


directs the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab. She is assistant professor of anthropology with a tenure track focusing on visual anthropology at the University of Vienna. She teaches specialized courses for students with an interest in visual ethnographic and multimodal approaches, as well as general anthropology courses in Bachelor and Master programmes. For more information, see her website:






Viktoria Paar


coordinates the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab and is responsible for the daily management of the Lab and the communication with the students. She specialized in Visual Anthropology and documentary films and is mainly concerned with Sensory Ethnography, as well as with ritual, affectivity and atmosphere research. Beside that she is a video producer of many local civil projects in Vienna.


Suzana Jovicic


collaborates with the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab in the context of the interdisciplinary project We:Design which aims to involve youths in participatory visual practices and digital design processes. She is specialised in digital, design and psychological anthropology as well as collaborative and interdisciplinary research and teaches at the University of Vienna.



Werner Zips


Is a.o. university professor of anthropology and a filmmaker at the University of Vienna. He teaches courses in anthropology of law, environmental anthropology, and Caribbean and African studies, and has stimulated generations of anthropology students to learn about filmmaking. Since 1993 he has made more than 50 films, many of which have been screened at prime time on the Austrian public television channel ORF.




Helen Vaaks


is an intern at the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab. She is MA student in audiovisual ethnography at the Tallinn University, currently at the University of Vienna as an exchange student. She uses film as her research method and has made several short films as part of her studies. Her research interests are human-environment interactions, nature conservation, community involvement, migration, integration, and education. She has a BSc in Biology from the University of Tartu.