We:Design Launch Event

Over a period of 1.5 years, the  Projekt We:Design worked together with young people to collect different perspectives on entering the world of work. In the process, the jointly designed app "APPly" for writing and organizing job applications was created.

KSA Film Screenings 2022

In the winter semester of 2022, the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology hosts three film screenings in the presence of the filmmakers. Discussions will address the anthropology of the body, peace, art, wildlife conservation, and the role of documentary film as a form of anthropological work. 

Vienna Anthropology Days 2022

On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab hosts the panel "Ethnographic Media Practices". This panel has 10 presentations by 11 participants, which showcase films that have been created in the context of study or anthropological research or study projects. 

Master Class: Ethnocineca Film Talk with Yehuda Sharim

Yehuda Sharim speaks about his film Letters2Maybe (2021) and provides insight into his narrative and cinematic approach that bears his artistic and socially engaged signature. The Israeli-born son of Persian immigrants offers intimate studies of immigration and displacement, visibility and invisibility, as well as the meaning of home and belonging in the United States.

Master Class: Darcy Alexandra & Koen Leurs

"Participatory Digital Ethnography" - The discussion focus on the use of digital, visual, or multimodal methods in participatory research. During a public co-lecture, the two guest lecturers introduce their views on participatory research with examples from their own research. Taught by Darcy Alexandra (University of Bern) and Koen Leurs (Utrecht University)

Master Class: Pavel Borecký

On Wednesday 12th May 2021, at 3.00 pm, Pavel Borecký  (University of Bern) leads a Master Class on "Ecography: anthropological films and climate change" with students and staff of the Central European University and the University of Vienna.

Master Class: Ernst Karel

On Tuesday 16 March 2021, at 5.30 pm, Dr. Ernst Karel (Harvard University) leads a Master Class on "Toward sonic ethnography?" with students and staff of the Central European University and the University of Vienna.

Master Class: Arjun Shankar

On Tuesday 19 January 2021, at 5.30 p.m, Arjun Shankar (Georgetown University) leads a Master Class on "Decolonizing multimodal anthropology and the politics of collaboration" for students and staff of the Central European University and the University of Vienna.

Creative engagement with crisis: RAI Film Festival and Conference

The Film Festival and Conference of the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) in the UK will take place online on 19-28 March 2021.

(Ne)Vidljivost / a documentary essay

The documentary essay (Ne)Vidljivost, translated as (In)visibility, was made by students of art history at the University of Vienna.

#Distribute Vienna Node

#Distribute is the first event of the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab, organised in collaboration with ethnocineca (International Documentary Film Festival Vienna) and the #Distribute2020 conference (organised by the Society for Cultural Anthropology and the Society for Visual Anthropology).