June 2020

Digital Exhibition "The Politics of (In)visibility"

This exhibition contains 17 experimental films that were created by Master students in anthropology, during the course “Ethnographic Media Practices: The Politics of (In)visibility” at the University of Vienna. The films were produced in May/June 2020, during the pandemic. The assignment was to “express theory through film”, and to take theoretical inspiration from the course’s readings in visibility studies.

This exhibition was opened on June 30th 2020 at the garden and courtyard of the Volkskundemuseum. The films were made accessible through posters with QR codes, so that audiences could watch them on their own smartphones while maintaining social distance during this open air event.

"Self and Other Through a Lens", Colloquium with Paolo Favero, June 18th

"Studio Audio-Visual Research"at the Department of European Ethnology would like to invite you to the next session of the Institute Colloquium with Paolo Favero (University of Antwerp), which will take place live on June 18th between 17:00-max. 18:30 here

Paolo Favero is not only one of the pioneers of multi-modal ethnography. For years, he has been experimenting with digital filmmaking and computer-supported formats in visual anthropology in order to approach existential themes of life, death and image in a theoretical and conceptual way. 

In our series on audio-visual problematizations of the self, his talk "Self and Other Through a Lens" gives us an insight into his very current research on everyday life in homes for the elderly and homeless in Delhi, in which he combines audio-visual with auto-ethnographic approaches. 

In preparation for his dialogical lecture, Paolo has made three audio tracks available, inviting us to listen to them before the lecture and ask ourselves: where am I, what do I see, what do I imagine?

We are pleased that Sanderien Verstappen (University of Vienna) and students of the KSA will be guests at this session.

 May 2020

# Distribute Vienna Node

#Distribute is the first event of the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab, organised in collaboration with ethnocineca (International Documentary Film Festival Vienna) and the #Distribute 2020 conference (organised by the Society for Cultural Anthropology and the Society for Visual Anthropology). In this online discussion, guided by the conference theme “distribute”, six anthropologists will discuss the enduring as well as changing role of ethnographic films and film festivals in the distribution of anthropological knowledge. 



Ethnocineca 14th Edition

ethnocineca 2020 ONLINE EDITION


The programme of the first online edition of ethnocineca presents eight Austrian premieres of contemporary documentaries from the ethnocineca 2020 festival programme.The films are accessible for eight days between May 7-14 via the video-platform vimeo for a national and international audience. 

Distribute 2020

Distribute 2020, a virtual/in-person conference.
The unequal distribution of power and wealth is growing by the day, fascism and racism are on the rise across the world, and entire ecosystems are dying. But, even as threats to life as we know it multiply, revolutionary new forms of redistributive politics are emerging.
We join this rising tide of voices to ask not only how anthropology might respond to these crises but also how to imagine another anthropology into existence.